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What to visit in 3 days in London
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London is an amazing city with an incredible and varied cultural and touristic offer. So if you are going to make a quick visit to London, you will probably need a guide to enjoy yo the fullest of the city and don’t miss the most iconic attractions.

What to visit in London in 3 days

If coming to London just three days here we select for you the most interesting thing you must-visit. Our recommendation is to divide the three days by the type of tourism. The first day can be dedicated to know the special and historic places of the city, the second day dedicated to visit museums and theatres and the last day to relax on the natural and famous parks of the city. Let’s start:

First day: historic tourism

London is a city full of history and history is linked to the royalty in this city, so you can start the day visiting:

The Buckingham Palace is the official residence of her Majesty the Queen and undoubtedly is a must place to visit.
The Big Ben is one of the most iconic places in London known worldwide, is a tower with a watch located in the Westminster Palace, which is the house of the English Parliament.
The London Tower, an iconic castle declared World Heritage Site which offers tours to come inside and be surprised by the past.
The Bridge Tower is a medieval bridge over the Thames River which besides being a historic place held a museum worth to visit inside.

All these main interest-points are in nearby areas between 12 and 20 minutes by car from your Londoner Hotel La Place in Marylebone.

Second Day: museum and theatres route

London is the capital of the theatre so if visiting the city you must stop in Covent Garden the theatre and artistic area par excellence, there you will find very old theatres with an impressive artistic tradition, besides street artist which are stating their shows in public spaces. In this area you will also enjoy shops and markets. In you want to keep up with the artistic move of the city, you have to come.

The Royal Opera House: This is the main and most important theatre in the area, since it houses the Royal Opera Company and the Royal Ballet Company. Besides being a gorgeous place worth to visit, it also has a cultural offer all the year, so you can enjoy amazing spectacles.

Covent Garden Piazza: Is the main square of the neighbourhood, there you will enjoy amazing street spectacles, souvenirs, and cafes and pubs to enjoy some drinks and snacks while chatting.

The London Transport Museum: If there is still time you should go to this museum where you can see the evolution of the transport in the city.

Third Day: Natural Parks route

London is a city with enough natural and public spaces to enjoy the nature. We recommend in this day to visit:

Regent’s Park: just a stone from Hotel La Place there is the Regent’s Park that you can reach by walking and that offers many and different spaces to rest and take free air. It is not the largest but definitively is the most diverse, it offers a zoo, a lake and facilities to work out and entertain like the open air-theatre, besides coffee shops are some main attractive.

Spend the day at this park for sure will be a great way to say good bye to London.

Where to stay?

The best option to stay in London for 3 days is Hotel La Place, an authentic Londoner Hotel located in Marylebone, one of the most demanded neighbourhoods of the city. Hotel La Place offers you a great location, very close to main points of interest and very well-connected to the city.

Book your room and take advantage of the unique promotions we have for you by reserving directly on our website and enjoy to the fullest your 3 days in London.