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The Best London Musicals of 2024
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The Lion King

The Lyceum Theatre is where the musical is held. Directed by Julie Taymor, this musical has captivated audiences for 21 remarkable years. Taymor's genius is evident in the marvellous spectacle she has created, bringing the vibrant flora and fauna of Africa to life on stage.

The Pridelands, portrayed in a colourful setting, come alive with the timeless original score by Elton John and Tim Rice; supplemented by additional songs from Hans Zimmer, Julie Taymor, Mark Mancina, and Lebo M. Celebrating its 21st year, Taymor's redefined version promises an immersive experience.

Phantom of the Opera - Majesty’s Theatre

Crafted by musical maestro Andrew Lloyd Webber, this timeless classic has garnered acclaim as one of West End's most beloved productions; with over 100 million tickets sold worldwide.

The captivating story follows Christine Daaé, an opera singer entangled with a disfigured genius living in the opera house's depths. As love, obsession, and tragedy intertwine, the Phantom's presence adds an eerie layer to the opulent sets and haunting music. Step back in time at the Sondheim Theatre, formerly known as the Queen's Theatre, and immerse yourself in a tale that transcends generations.

Mamma Mia!

Judy Craymer's vision turned a charming book into a global phenomenon with Mamma Mia! This blockbuster musical, featuring ABBA's classic songs, has enchanted over 65 million people across 50 countries. From the Prince Edward Theatre to the Novello Theatre, Mamma Mia's journey in London alone has been nothing short of extraordinary.

The Novello Theatre has witnessed Mamma Mia's record-breaking performances. Led by the talented Mazz Murray, the cast brings to life a heart-warming tale of family and friendship. Join Sophie on her quest to uncover the identity of her father against the backdrop of the beautiful Greek Islands. Mamma Mia is a celebration of love, laughter, and timeless music.

Les Misérables

Les Misérables continues to attract audiences with its compelling narrative and exceptional cast. With renowned names like Kelly Agbowu, Chanice Alexander Burnett, and Bradley Jaden, the Sondheim Theatre echoes with the sounds of revolution and redemption.

The tale of Jean Valjean, set against the backdrop of post-revolutionary France, weaves a story of love, sacrifice, and the pursuit of justice.

Find this musical in the Sondheim Theatre, formerly the Queen's Theatre.


Step into the revolutionary world of Hamilton at the Victoria Palace Theatre. Lin-Manuel Miranda's masterpiece, featuring Reuben Joseph in the titular role, has taken the West End by storm. With an Olivier Award-winning production, Hamilton seamlessly blends hip-hop, jazz, and R&B to narrate the story of America's Founding Father, Alexander Hamilton.

The Victoria Palace Theatre, designed by Frank Matcham, provides a fitting backdrop for this innovative musical. The tale unfolds, revealing the complexities of America's past, with outstanding performances by Allyson Ava-Brown, Trevor Dion Nicholas, and Emile Ruddock. Immerse yourself in history and secure your tickets for a theatrical experience like no other.

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