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The most beautiful parks in London
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The most beautiful parks in London are quite close to Hotel La Place. This is important news if you’re seeking for accommodation where you could enjoy the best of London, including natural attractions. Keep reading and get to know which are the most beautiful parks in the city and how to get them from Hotel La Place.

Visit 3 of the most beautiful parks in London from Hotel La Place

Regents Park
Regents Park is one of the royal parks of the city and the most beautiful, it was built in 1811 by the same architect that designed part of the Buckingham Palace, the St. James's Park and the Marble Arch.

This park with an extension of 160 hectares has many areas like gardens, fountains, even lakes, an outdoors theatre and many attractions. Strolling the park is an experience you can’t miss when visiting London, especially if you come in Spring when the roses bloom and the garden becomes a spectacle.

As if it were not enough with the natural and architectural beauty of the park, there is also an interesting cultural and recreational program where many events of all kinds take place, from artistic stages to fairs, races, and cuisine festivals. And if what you need is a lonely place to connect with nature in this park there is always a spot for being alone.

If you stay at Hotel La Place, Regents Park is at your fingertips. It will take 3 minutes to get to the park by car, 4 minutes by bicycle and 9 minutes walking. You can have a daily stroll in this magnificent park.

St. James's Park
St. James's Park is another of the 8 royal parks in London. This one is well known for its flower beds designed as a memorial for Queen Victoria at the front of Buckingham Palace.

In this park also takes place the military parade Trooping the Colour, an impressive and colourful parade that has been celebrated on the queen’s birthday since the early 18th century. It is one of the oldest traditions of this kind.

After taking a walk, breathing fresh air and enjoying the beauty of this park you can enjoy a coffee and snacks at St James’s Cafe while having a conversation and appreciating the beauty of the surroundings: the fountain, the lake and the pelicans.

This beautiful park is also quite close to Hotel La Place, just 11 minutes by car, 20 minutes by public transportation and 34 minutes walking.

Hyde Park
The last but not the least is the Royal Hyde Park, the fourth in extension of the 8 royal parks in the city. There are two lakes, Serpentine and the Long Water. This park was built in 1536 as a hunting park using the Westminster Abbey lands, since then it has housed many events like May festivities, some nobility duels took place in this park, and in 1851 the Great Exposition took place there and it was built the famous Crystal Palace.

Hyde Park is just 6 minutes by car from Hotel La Place, 13 minutes by public transportation and 22 minutes walking.

Our recommendation if you’re interested to enjoy the most beautiful parks in London is to stay at Hotel La Place, with a privileged location for this purpose, as well as getting other main tourist places of the city. Book now and enjoy your tour by the most beautiful parks in London